Blauw Gras publishes books for young people

new adult books, young adult titles and children's literature.


Blauw Gras publishes books that are current and in the now

with an emphasis on thoughtfulness and nuances, written in a clear style, keeping a keen focus on societal and social issues.

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Edward van de Vendel



you may know him from his own books, - which, by the way, will keep being published at Querido Children’s Books.

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Jeffrey Dral

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you may know him from his own book, - any future work by him will keep being published at Volt Publishing.

Singel Publishers

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you may know them from publishing houses such as Nijgh & Van Ditmar, Querido, De Arbeiderspers, Athenaeum, De Geus, Volt, Love Books, and now also from Blauw Gras.